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All i Pebre. Traditional recipe Valenciana

All i Pebre. Traditional recipe Valenciana

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The all-i-pebre is a typical Valencian dish, which means Castilian garlic and paprika. The origin of this recipe is situated on the banks of the lagoon located just ten kilometers south of the city of Valencia, where once were abundant eels and so, is the main fish of this dish.

If you want to taste this delicacy Valencia in your house, here you have the recipe:

Ingredients for 4 people:

- 1 kg of eels

- A teaspoon of saffron or food coloring

- 1.5 dl oil

- 50 g of onion

- 50 g flour

- Sweet paprika (tablespoon)

- 1 chili pepper (or more if you like spicy)

- 3 or 4 cloves garlic

- 1 small slice of toast

- 12 almonds

- A little Parsley

- Salt to taste

- ½ liter of water


First wash the eels with cold water and clean them well, first we cut the heads and then the tips of the tails. After the return to wash and dry them with a cloth.

Once clean and when they had removed the excess moisture, cut into pieces of approximately 6 centimeters. Reserve.

On the other hand, in a mortar we crush the garlic. Reserve. Then we chop the onion.

In a casserole put oil to heat, when warm, put the garlic and brown them. Once they are beginning to be incorporated onion. Mix and immediately incorporate the flour and paprika, stirring.

When it mixed incorporate water and saffron or dye and let it boil.

When it begins to boil incorporate the Eels. Eels must be not completely covered by water. Add the chilli and add salt

Let cook for about 15 or 20 minutes.

Five minutes before the end of cooking, almonds, parsley and toast, which was previously crushed in a mortar is added.

In some locations in Valencia, all i pebre Eels is accompanied with sliced potatoes, if you want to make incorporating stew, will have to cut into irregular pieces and not very large, and incorporated by the water at the beginning of the recipe.

There are several versions of this recipe because unfortunately not yet have an official certification as with Paella. And we are sure that wherever faithful to that offered in the Albufera, place of origin, will be delicious.

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