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Fritters are a typical dessert in many regions and, especially during regional holidays. Each territory incorporates its own ingredients and their own tradition.

Balearic Islands are a typical meal with eggs or potatoes. Andalusia consumed with special assiduity during Holy Week, etc. In Catalonia, for example, they consumed especially during Lent and salty version takes onion.

In Valencia tradition is making sweet donuts, with or without pumpkin, and accompany with a good cup of hot chocolate for breakfast or an afternoon snack. And we also have our salty version, such as cod fritters.

Valencia is easy to find in the street stalls fault fritters day, and of course, no Valenciano who does not pass through them at some point and where he caught.

So if these flaws want to surprise your friends with some delicious pumpkin fritters so "terreta nostra" facts for yourself, here we leave the traditional recipe.

PS: The team of Valencia on your hand will be pleased to receive samples (Strain?)


700 g of roasted pumpkin

700 g of bread flour

50 g of fresh yeast

50 g of gas on (optional)

500ml of warm water (two glasses)

Olive oil


Preparing pumpkin fritters:

- First we boiled or grilled squash. Once you are squishy, u200bu200bremove seeds and grind hard and trickles well (remember the pumpkin should be invaluable when we eat donut)

Tip: If you have boiled pumpkin, book the cooking water and then add it .

- Mix the flour and baking powder and add the pumpkin puree we have done. Then gradually add water while mix (pumpkin or normal) to warm temperatures.

- Knead with hands until the dough is mixed and soft. Then we add the soda and mix again.

- We let the mixture stand 45 to about 60 minutes. After that time we will see how its size has increased considerably.

- The typical and distinctive donuts, is that they have a hole in the middle. This can be done by pressing your thumb on the center of mass (I confess that mine are amorphous).

- Once we have all, heat the oil in a deep pan. When it is hot (for frying) we will gradually putting fritters until golden brown.

Tip: To you from sticking to your hands dough should mojártelas with water.

- Once fried on both sides, sprinkle with plenty of sugar.

Now we just need the hot chocolatito and Mel pure tetes!

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