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Valencians are of the least charge of Spain and Europe

Valencians are of the least charge of Spain and Europe

So yeah, everything could not be nice to live in Valencia or Valencia. It is impossible to have it all, sun, beaches, good food, excellent climate, exceptional people ... we have touched the low wages.

According to the latest report by Adecco on opportunities and satisfaction for the second quarter of employment, an employee of Valencia receives on average per month 1,476 #euro, while the average salary in the rest of Spain is 1,638 #euro, so therefore, the Valencians charge on average per month about 162 #euro less than workers in the rest of Spain.

The statistics also indicate that the Valencian wage is 26.2% below the average wage of the European Union. Thus, the ordinary gross average wage in the 28 countries of the European Union is #euro 1,995 / month and Valencia remuneration of 1,472 #euro / month, which makes a difference of #euro 523 less per month.

However Valencians employees have improved our purchasing power by 1.6% compared to 2015, which has increased our annual salary of 274 #euro.

E sto makes living in valencia is a little more complicated in what level of consumption is concerned, since, overall prices are stipulated keeping with the rest of Spain but our purchasing power is lower.

However, despite the disadvantage compared to the salary of most regions of Spain, Valencia is in an intermediate zone, since Extremadura, Galicia, the Canary Islands and Castilla la Mancha are below us in the list.

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